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2018 ATA National Truck Safety Contest

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Reporting Requirements for the ATA National Truck Safety Contest

1. The “all accident” category includes all accidents, regardless of preventability or non-preventability, reported in accordance with the standards set forth in Trucking Industry Guidelines for Recording Fleet Vehicle Accidents and Determining Preventability, regardless of severity, who was killed or injured, who was at fault, or where the accident occurred (not just DOT recordable). Accidents not reportable include: those involving fleet operated passenger cars and miscellaneous vehicles such as service trucks and wreckers; those in which the fleet vehicle was legally parked; debris thrown up by a vehicle’s tires; objects falling from over head; certain collisions with animals. For further information or a copy of the rules, call (703) 838-1931.

2. The “DOT” category includes accidents required to be reported under DOT recordable guidelines (49 CFR Part 390.5)

3. Frequency rates shall be rounded to the nearest hundredth (two decimal places) as determined by the following formula:

Frequency (F) equals
Total Fleet Vehicle Accidents (A)
multiplied by 1,000,000
divided by
Total Fleet Vehicle Miles Traveled (M)

F= A x 1,000,000


1. Overall Experience Reportable: Subject to fleet breakdowns permitted by Parts III and IV of the ATA National Truck Safety Contest Rules, all mileage and accidents of all vehicles used in each fleet entered in the contest must be reported.

2. Vehicles: Except for accidents involving fleet-operated passenger cars, service vehicles or similar miscellaneous equipment, accidents must be reported whether the fleet vehicle was owned, or its use obtained through rental, shortterm or long-term lease, interchange or other similar arrangement.

3. Reporting of Accidents: Reporting of accidents, regardless of preventability, is governed by applicable provisions of, “Trucking Industry Guidelines for Recording Fleet Vehicle Accidents and Determining Preventability.” In general, all accidents are reportable in the contest regardless of whose property was damaged or the amount of damage, who was at fault, whether the accident resulted in a fatality or injury, or whether the accident occurred on public or private property.

4. Most Common Types of Non-Reportable Accidents – Exclusions

  1. “Wear and Tear” Damage: Cumulative visible damage to bumpers, rubrails or other components installed and designed to absorb minor impacts. Bending, breaking, cracking or crushing is not considered “wear and tear” damage.
  2. Properly Parked Vehicle: The fleet vehicle is properly parked and secured in a location where parking i s legal. In a rural area, the fleet vehicle must be clear of all traveled lanes and emergency warning devices must be in place as required by law. A double-parked vehicle, or a vehicle parked in a location where parking is prohibited (regardless of local law or enforcement policy) is not covered by this exclusion.
  3. Animals: Collisions with animals are not reportable if death or injury is confined to the animal, or property damage is limited to that resulting directly from impact with the animal.
  4. Road Debris: Rocks, gravel or similar debris kicked up by traffic.
  5. Flying/Falling Objects, tree limbs or other debris propelled by wind, or debris falling from a construction site.
  6. Ice-snow falling on or off a vehicle.

5. Contest Participation: Report forms are sent to eligible fleets (members of American Trucking Associations and/or SMC) in the first quarter of the contest year. In addition to the recognition given to winning fleets, contest participation is a source of the trucking industry’s own accident rate information. Fleets are urged to submit completed reports to the ATA Safety Management Council – FAX – (703) 838-1965 or by mail – 950 N. Glebe Road, Suite 210, Arlington, VA 22203-4181, or by email: smc@trucking.org by the announced deadline.

6. Further Information: Your participation is important. In order to hold a category, a minimum of five entries must be received. To obtain a copy of the contest rules, the publication, “Trucking Industry Guidelines for Recording Fleet Vehicle Accidents and Determining Preventability,” or to seek assistance with unusual situations, contact the Safety Management Council, as indicated above, or phone (703) 838-1931.